get easily noticed,

Make the money roll in

+ melt all the competition away.

 Become a Business Badass. 



If you...

Aren't Showing Up as the Badass Business Owner as you know you could,

Backpedal when attempting to Communicate your Value + Set Prices,

Wonder where the hell your Soulmate Clients are hiding or

Always in a constant stage of desperately.trying.to.make.bank,

then your brand is either

Barely Existing, Barely Breathing or Barely Growing. 

I can make your business  bold, captivating + making money.

I'm a business strategist getting Femmepreneurs
increased sales + decreased anguish
using the psychology of confidence,
the art of Stage Performance +

a bit of Rewilding Magic.
 - in Prince Edward Island, Canada + Worldwide -

how to become the badass your business needs you to be.

Image by Romina Farías

The Mindfucks.

aka, what you are telling yourself. 

If you struggle with believing:

- you are a badass business owner, 

- you're worthy of the cost of your product,

- people will take you seriously,

or that you can actually bring in ANY SALES at all...

This is why your sales

aren't there. 

get badass in...





THE ONLY ONLINE COURSE made especially for you,

the Female Business Owner.

 Giving you the tools for those on-the-spot / in-the-moment

pop-up meetings, conversations + opportunities.

Being in the know-how for getting ALL.THE.ATTENTION

from your audience...who end up becoming loyal + consistent clients.

Showing you how to be a Total Hot Shit

...using the power of a selfie.



an increase in engagements, sales + client love.





1:1 Personal Brand Coaching for getting

MY EYES + MY BRAIN on your business! 

In less time + money than it takes to

read the 256 Self-Help + Business Strategies books (which I did!)

or to sit on a therapist's couch for 6 months

(which I also did, but for way longer), I can:


Assess Your Current Branding Strengths + Weaknesses

Curate / Tweak / ReVamp Your Personal Branding Statement 


Develop Your Signature Walk // Power Pose // Presentation Skills

Give Strategies for Powerful Body Language + Communication

Amp up Your Message, Pitch, Vibe + Visual Presentation on Social, Your Website, everywhere // GET ALL EYES ON YOU

Instill a healthy dose of Confidence + Badassery

into you and your business

*# of Clients taken on each month is limited.

Packages Available. 

Meeting LIVE + (Bi) Weekly // Amount of Actual Coaching Time Needed is TBD, based on your Application. 

rewilding Coaching



Monthly Group Coaching

for you, the badass that's started a business...

but tired of the hustle, spinning your wheels,

and the 2am questions of "what the hell do I do,

how do I tackle this, (or) what now"? 


It's for an EXCLUSIVE group of Badass Mompreneurs.

And we GSD...Get Shit Done. 

Meaning, you get the REAL tools

that make the difference between

a Barely Existing Business + one that is Completely Badass.

This is your place to get pumped up, cheered up,

understood + lit the fuck up.

This is where you learn to rock your life and your business. 


Three Membership Levels Available.

And all less than a bottle of the Good Wine.


Finding your tribe

Mama, I've got you.

I'm Ellen.

Rewilding Coach // Confidence Creator // Badassery Instiller

I'm a retired Competitive Latin Dancer + Psychology Nerd

turned Branding Strategist for the femmepreneur.

I've got the actual Psychology + Counseling degree from University

and the experience in creating AND running a business

while raising a family.  


So I've got a sweet spot for those mamas

that are handling both.

You're part of my TRIBE + I feel ya. 

It's my mission to empower femmepreneurs,

get your personal branding on point,

the confidence flowing + you making a shit ton of $. 

My business is about...

giving you what you need. 

Meaning what you REALLY need to have a rocking business. The tips, tricks and hacks that really give you the edge to making an amazing first impression, getting the funding you need, presenting at that conference or getting the undivided attention from the people in the room. 

To put it another way, you don't have to do the research, download all the freebies, read all the books, watch the YouTube videos, or join another mastermind. I've got the info to share with you!

Amping up your game.

I don't just give you a "must-start-doing" list. You get my personal attention in creating a personal brand + a badass mind and everything that comes along with that. Amping shit up also means that I show you what you "must-stop-doing". All to increase the sales AND decrease the anguish --- all those things that work against you becoming a badass Business Owner.

Meaning, I help you move the needle the quickest.

how I give out the goods...

 the blog

This ain't your average blog.

Less like a journal of thoughts.

And more like a how to on living the wild mompreneur life. 

Consider this your badass mompreneur pill for how to do the upcoming week. 

Whether its money, your health, your love life or your business,

I touch on it all.

Cuz it's all related...right?

And yo, just do yourself a favour.

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 Social Media

Raw. Loud. Sexy. Hilarious. Real AF.

See life being so fucking enjoyed + what it means to be a badass mompreneur in real life. This is also where I go LIVE.

Kinda like reading the journal that I don't have. 

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 the podcast


the badass femme-preneurs

who are handling it.

A confident woman is powerful + sexy.

And growing a business, raising a family...

and doing it singlehandledly is badass AF.  

Highlighting the fabulous and the unafraid.

Actually, the was-afraid, but still fabulously did it.

This is our crew. 

We can all learn a thing or two from each other.

/listen in weekly

For the Badass Mamas!

Being a badass mompreneur means knowing what you and your business needs, not being afraid to get help, knowing where to look and getting your hands on the RIGHT tools.

Well, I did it for you, mama. 

Here are 85+ tools that are amazing to use, making things faster, easier and less expensive.

So start using these while you and I

are getting things rolling. 

*Side effects include an unfuckablewith attitude, a fierce mind + a healthy dose of sass.

And the good birthday gifts. Cuz that's how Ellen rolls.