rock your inner mamacita

I'm Ellen.

Soul Artist.   ReWilder.  Personal Brander.

A girl that's got massive drive. Mad organizational skills.

An info nerd, a big-thinker and someone who gets shit done.

And definitely in for anything that's gonna help me 

be better than yesterday.

I used my street smarts, sass + feisty attitude to

become a self-made entrepreneur.

I curb out the hell-no's and follow the hell-ya's.

I like to shake my ass to rocking music.

And I want to share my secret with you. 

ABOUT The girl behind soul play

Not good enough.

That was the message I got from day one.

I was either not Black enough, not Spanish enough, not city enough.

Or too smart, too tall or had that "good white girl hair"...

meaning, my hair wasn't kinky enough for me to say I was part-Black.

I got the 99% instead of the 100%.

I didn't take enough risks. Then, I was too risky. 

In my late 20's, I married a man I shouldn't have. (read that blog post here)

And got wrapped up in a fanatic, cult-like lifestyle.

Now, I was too bold, too outspoken, too ambitious, too sensual. 

I was not the soft + gentle...or that good, meek woman.

I now know that the   not good enough  vibe resulted in the abusive relationships.

How I became a massive perfectionist. 

Why I was always trying to show my value....prove my worth. 

And why this Bronx girl, who was born a wise-ass with a massive independent streak -

became pretty 'life-quiet', gave up her dreams and stayed in a harmful marriage for 12 years. 

Until I had my breaking point moment. 

And I finally said, loud and clear, fuck this...and this...and that

And I intentionally decided to become unapologetically me. 

And create the life I wanted to show up for.

Doing this meant really tapping into the Wild Woman I was. 

The one I always was...but had allowed some dusty ass dude to put a ceiling on it .

Post-divorce, I reinvented myself and created Soul Play.  To return to myself.

And to honor those wild, weird, crazy, lovable, funny AF things - that make me, me. 

That cant be replaced or duplicated.

20 years of dancing - along with pretty much everything else that was totally me - had been nixed by the ex.

And so I brought that back onto the table.

Along with my confidence, my sass, my dreams. 


In fact, the quote is "I bring the table to the table". 

And I started to reopen the doors that had been shut without my permission. 

Music and my return to dancing was the tool.

But only once I remembered that I was the fire. 

the quirky stuff

+ why I'm an awesome asset for you 


Just a Bronx/NYC girl who

might've been twice on the line for 

 boldness, sass +

entrepreneurial spirit

when I was being created.

Fast forward about 40 years, I now

live in beautiful Prince Edward Island, Canada with

my 3 children +

an overweight brute of a dog.

I've been a Ballroom/Latin competition dancer, a wedding consultant, a boutique store owner, a goat + alpaca farmer, a dance studio owner and a homeschooler. I am a closet historian, a Celtophile, an insatiable reader, a believer in that one perfect shade of blue, quote lover, fierce Scrabble player, a night owl and an off-roading,

tattooed Jeep gal.

I've always been fiercely independent, speak my mind,

goal-driven + confident. A definite decision maker,

get things going, shamelessly blunt, and always up for

trying something new, extraordinary or challenging.

100% Badass

Totally guilty of having too many tabs open at once, having a few glasses of wine before noon, letting my face completely express my initial reaction, watching countless Outlander reruns and Netflix binge'ing like a mofo.

Meaning, I teach you to follow your own rules or path. Whichever is more exciting.




Can spend hours in a thrift store for books, find the absolute best deal on whatever or make that  perfect Scrabble move (if you are playing against me, we are not friends at that moment, just sayin). I am the family champion for wildest bed head. 

Translated, I am passionate about your success. I want to see you win.





Heels. There's a soft spot for heels. And big earrings. Can't leave home without the big earrings. Or the big hair. I believe it all comes down to the details and that there's a massive difference between the color sky blue and the color blue sky. And that every kitchen whisk is actually a magical dancing tool.

In other words, I follow the "it doesn't have to be perfect, but it damn sure is going to look jaw dropping amazing and grab some attention!



delivers Gold

Talkative and detailed AF. Will give you all the necessary information. Organization and lists geek. I absolutely over-deliver. I give 200%. I just can't do less.

To put it another way, I honor go-big go home, all or nothing types. We are going to DO THIS! And if this is NOT your vibe, girl, I've got plenty to share!








Bold as Hell

I push the envelope and usually vote underdog. I seek the "odd" item. I sometimes walk the line  between cool and "might be" over the top. I carve out my own trend. I air-guitar like it's no one's business. 

That is, I show you how to find your thing...and then rock the shit out of it.


Not fazed by problems

I say WTF to soda burps that come through my nose. My unexpected sneezes scare my family. The 2am can't sleep thing because I've had too much caffeine. The washroom or showers as personal down time. Reheating my morning cup of coffee.  

Put differently, I'm passionate about you standing strong on your game. And I've got your back. Ain't nothing gonna stop you now from getting what you want. 

what I live by.


I'd like to say that I've always had an eye for originality.


That I've always pursued life with a fierceness + passion,

aiming to both capture and captivate life as much as I can.


I've always sought after more than just

what was common and traditional.


                     I like to laugh hard + smile often.


I have a magic formula of initiative,

motivation, spunk, creative resourcefulness

+ an abundance of energy.


I'm way too versatile to stick to

one hobby, or interest...or one task at a time.


I aim to to live my life without explanation.


I score high on the

"all or nothing - go big/go home" spectrum.


My ambitious schedule can be undone by

the offer of a cuddle with a side of cheesecake.


And when I take my dancing shoes off,

I am a mom of 3 equally-energetic children

who are captivatingly beautiful, inside + out.

Seeing mamas rocking their

lives + loving it

My vision

"She believed she could...

so she did"

My Motto

What I've got for you