rock your inner mamacita

   slightly naughty classes

for the good girl

your first step to self-branding as a powerhouse, confident woman. 

Girl, do you know that the way you move,

walk into a room

or the way you present and carry yourself 

says everything about

what you think about yourself?

Do you play soft + nice and hope to

reach your goals?

Or do you see the benefit of

not just dreaming big - but doing big -

and moving with intention,

with focus, with purpose?

FEMME is for you if you want to...

* start playing big...

and feel empowered for anything

that comes your way

* move your body in a way that

says you mean business -

and take control of the room

* learn those feminine movements,

choreography and sassy tips +

tools to amp up your wow factor

 Whether you just want to say "I rocked that",

put on a dance show for your partner

or slay + handle a meeting...

  when your body is vibing power + intentionality -

 others around you can't help but take notice.

And this will show up big time in your business.


FEMME is an 8 week online course using

the Soul Play S.A.S.S.I. Method + Playbook and covering...


Lesson 1: Your Body

Lesson 2: The Unseen Stuff

Lesson 3: All the Strategies, Techniques, Movements + Choreography

Lesson 4:  Getting Personal with Yourself

Lesson 5: The S Vault, and all the tools

the juicy details...

* 8 weeks, about an hour of personal work

* no special apps or software needed -

just log on + start getting sassy

* don't need a big dance space!


what you get

* digital course that you can start anytime!

* 8 weeks worth of jam-packed lessons,

loaded with material

that will give you an inner confidence --

you'll never walk into a room the same way again!

* develop a signature walk and power pose,

tighten up your mental and physical frame +

improve your posture

* learn feminine movements for

walking into a room and choreography to dance at home (for whatever reasons you want!)

* access to the S-vault and all the tools, tips,

 tricks and hacks you need

* rocking playlist for you to dance

anytime, anywhere 


How to Walk in Heels

(pre-recorded online training)

Want the Femme course for free?

Take it to a whole new level, girl.

Add on a YEAR's worth of Group Coaching, Live teaching 

and be part of a wickedly badass community of females.

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Online, In-Studio, On-Site ~ Located in Prince Edward Island, Canada ~ Available Worldwide

Soul Play can help any female wanting to kick the not good enough vibes to the curb and

gain serious confidence, sass and swagger to amp up both their business + personal life.

Mom or not. Business owner or not. Dancer, ex-dancer, the "always wanted to dance but too shy" type.

The “two left-feet” crew. Those with no experience or the self-proclaimed no rhythm gals. 

All are welcome.

Proud Supporter of Indigenous-Owned Businesses and the Cheyenne + Blackfeet Nations in Montana, USA

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