rock your inner mamacita

   slightly naughty classes

for the good girl


Ever see a sexy picture and think

"if only, I could look like that"...

But end up totally throwing that idea away?


Especially after reminding yourself

of all your body flaws,

the limited time, the limited space...

what would you even wear?

And...the fact that you're "mom"

and moms don't look like that.

I'm gonna say a hard no to that last thought.

MUSE is for you if...

* you want to learn to own your sensuality

* you totally need to start seeing yourself

as sexy, bold and confident

* you are ready to challenge your limitations + fears


        the juicy details...

* 31 days, about 20-30 mins of sassy energy required

* You get the entire checklist in one full swoop --

gives you time for planning it all out if you want.



The Apps Cheat Sheet

the best apps to use for creating/editing pics + videos

The Supply List

for all things needed like Props, Clothing + Gear

* Some days suggest a prop or a specific color

or type of clothing that you already probably have. 

* This bad-boy is printable ---

stick it where you are going to see it!

* No extra social media or apps needed...

but I do cover some apps that can make

your photos and video extra awesome. 


what you get

* a 31 day mini-course full of sassy ideas that get you 

discovering a sexier side of yourself

* a rocking playlist to listen anytime, especially when you

need to be reminded of your badassery


* the mind-blowing realization that

you are beautiful, fiesty, sexy, funny, creative as hell...

(fill in the blank, girl!)

* being more than just "comfortable in your skin"

-- pretty much, loving your own ass!



get those pictures that make you say "damn, girl"

all for only $297