Image by Philipp Cordts

I was in a marriage that, for 13 years, he criticized every single thing I did. 

I laughed too much. 

I held my fork wrong.

My whole lifelong dancing career was evil + not righteous.

He claimed I wore makeup or brightly coloured clothing because I was being vain + only trying to draw attention to myself.

I was constantly told I needed to repent...and that he was using his God-given authority to wash away my sins.  

Yes, girl, I was with a fanatical fuck.

The fact that I let it go on for that amount of ridiculous AF to me.

As before this, I was a pretty confident, outspoken, independent girl from NYC.

But tbh, I stayed because of our kids...and I was bent set on those kids not having divorced parents like I did.



At some point, for my sanity + safety, I took the kids and left. 

And I started over. 

Happily on my way to rediscover + reinvent, on my terms.