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Because moms sometimes can’t fully hear this.

Your heart melts. When your kids ask to take a picture of you because they think "you are so beautiful". When they sacrifice their own desires and allow you to sleep in your own bed solo "for the whole night". (I haven't slept solo for the last six weeks). When you can hear them planning a fully developed "mom's morning", complete with handmade streamers, cards, songs and breakfast in bed. When you see them figuring out and using their natural strengths ie., “you're the best're the best're better at finding things on the computer”. When you see your first born being the total leader, the organizer and you know he's going to rock this world. When you see your middle boy always making sure of your comfort, your care, your well being...his heart and attention always fully out on the table. When you see your baby girl making sure that there's a sweetness and a girly stamp on well, everything, you are in awe of her artistic and creative flair and can't wait to see what she's going to come up with next. And when you look at the picture your kids have taken of you...and you think to yourself, wow, I look have to remind yourself that to them, you are beautiful. And you are their mom. And they think the world of you. And then you smile, because you know, everything you have done, everything you have done...especially those mamas that are running businesses too on top of raising their kids - that it's all been worth it. That's not a tired look on my face. That's a look of feeling right in my world. Of reflecting back the beauty + love coming from these three beautiful little souls.

This is a message to all the moms out there....and especially to those single moms and mompreneurs. You are amazing.

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