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When My Child said the nasty C word

So a while back, my child came home from school and said, “mom, such and such in my class, said the bad C word”.

And there I was, racking my brain as to what the word could be.

He didn’t remember what it was, just that it started with a C.

Even with encouraging him to just say the word because I wanted to know what it was....

he couldn’t remember.

Short of me giving him a whole slew of new bad C words to learn, we just dropped it.

This makes me think of another bad C word.

Not Covid or Corona....CHANGE.

For the most part, I am open to adjusting, to lane changes, to going with the flow...but doesn’t it seem that sometimes change is demanded right after spending so much time getting things to exactly how we want them? And its totally hard to swallow because you then start thinking of all the time wasted, the money spent, the dreams stopped?

And this isn't a new thing rattling around....Soul Play has had some Groundhog Day movie feels...

In the fall, the big change was all hey hey hey, the studio is moving, we’ve got new digs at my newly hooked up home studio.....

And you would have been all shocked and asking, but why Ellen...

— and I would have told you the crazy story about how my dance floor - no wait, my newly tiled dance floor, started caving in.

In the middle of a dance lesson.

A few months before Dancing with the Stars.

Just something simple like that.

Then came winter’s news.

I was planning on telling you how I moved the studio from my home to a cool new spot in Kensington, PEI.

And that was all good.

Another experience with painting a studio, lol.

And how classes were happening....and how my salsa students were rocking it.

And then Covid happened.

And Covid was all Hold my drink, let me show you who’s more badass....

completely trumping a floor that was merely caving in.

And then, just to add to that — because maybe shutting a dance studio down for a time indeterminate wasn’t enough....

My extra-bit of holy-fack, a few days before Covid said hello, let me stop the world....




knee. an attempt to move around bedroom furniture...trying to get pre-lockdown-cozy.

Wrapping my mind around this was a trip.

I went through the rollercoaster of thoughts and emotions...

wtf do you mean I’ve gotta close my in not work?

holy ya, I’ll help save the world by sitting on my couch for days, and catching up on Netflix shows, my knitting and diy projects....!

sure, I’ll try comic book creation, a 28day plank challenge, and opera singing for beginners!

hmm, the amount of wine and coffee in the pantry doesn’t seem quite enough to handle three kids who are never going back to school and I’ve gotta be their teacher.

But there she was.

Change undeniably showing up on my business doorstep, like Richard Simmons in neon pink spandex on a Saturday morning.

Knocking the wind out of me.

One look at my busted knee and it was all honey, you gonna have to figure something new out.

So I popped the I mean business bun high on my head, grabbed a very unhealthy dose of Pepsi....and went to werk like some magical potter, recreating Soul Play.

Because me being me, I face the challenge head on.

I only grieve or stand still in shock for a moment. Or two.

It ain’t pretty in the moment, but, yo, I handle the change. I handle the crisis. And I don’t let the moment handle me.

And so now....Soul Play has done more than just changed. She's evolved.

Like, omg, you coloured your hair and got bangs I don’t even recognize you anymore big change.

The botttom line?

Soul Play is no longer just a dance studio.

She’s got a complete makeover.

And I am more-than-Christmas thrilled about how she’s gonna rock and roll.

I can't wait to introduce you to her.

Oh and yeah.

She’s a bit of a tease.

She’ll reveal her secret in a little.

Bring the bubbly.




Oh and by the way, I learned what C word he was talking about....I’ve forgotten it since (sorry!), but it was silly and a bit cute but something only an 8year old can get unravelled being called a circle or chihuahua.

second ps.

After the big reveal, I will be hosting a (virtual) House Party! Or paaar-tay if that makes you feel the vibe more! And you wanna know why this is going to be so freaking dope --- besides the fact that you are guaranteed to enjoy your drink (cuz you is bringin' it, lol) and there's non-stop music --- I'll be doing a giveaway of one of my new workshops!

...and hint, if you show up in a funky costume, I'm gonna notice!

...and you wouldn't want your besties to miss out right?? So let them know to subscribe (or contact me) so they get the rad invitation, once I send those out!

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