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It sure was badass and taught a few lessons...

So it's been the most interesting decade, out of my 4 decades that I've been around. It's been the one that I know I've grown the most, learned the hardest lessons and had the biggest life changes and milestones.

But it was also the decade that was the "most me". Who I really am. About unbecoming the things that weren't really me or put on me by others. It was the decade that I got the most real WITH and TO myself.

It was the decade where my marriage ended. I learned some hard lessons about personal freedoms, strength, choices...and how to build myself back up after being broke down. It was also when I got to examine and reinstate my values, learn where I had to stand up for myself and stop putting up with bullshit. I learned my breaking points, and honestly, I can pinpoint a narcissist or a hypocrite a mile away.

I also discovered I'm allergic to assholes.🤣

It's the one where I had my three children, being honored with the title of "mom". Where I learned what it means to truly sacrifice out of pure and intense love. And what it really means to be "mama bear".

It was when I ended my then 8year stay in Boston and I became a Canadian Permanent Resident and lived in Toronto and Niagara Falls. And really come to be grateful for my upbringing in the Bronx, for the strengths it gave me as well as the opportunity to be appreciative of the differences you come across in people and cultures. And also how wonderful it is when I come across other New Yorkers and it's like automatic family.

Where I fulfilled a lifelong dream of visiting and eventually moving to my beloved Prince Edward Island. And the beautiful story of our now forever home.

This decade saw two official businesses - a wedding dress store and the start of my dance studio. I learned that I've always had an entrepreneurial spirit and don't take the common paths -- and that I love that about myself.

There's been multiple side hobbies. I tried my hand at most everything and wasn't afraid of something new. I've had experiences that this city gal would have never expected when I dabbled in the homesteading route --- mid-wife'ing the birth of baby goats, raising turkeys for the holiday dinner, giving a needle to an alpaca, building a paddock, catching chickens who hid in trees... having an animal die in your arms.

I've taught myself to knit, spin, can, split wood or even start a fire. Camping, setting up a fucking huge tent, the in's and out's of being storm stayed and the need for storm chips. (You've never lived in Atlantic Canada if you don't know what I mean by storm stayed).

This past decade I found I have resiliency, a fire and an energy that just doesn't quit. I've learned to trust my own intuition more. I'm most proud of myself for being that girl who goes for it, like the quote says. The "all or nothing" trait that some people see as a challenge or too much is one of my best features. Because it means that I deliver my best - there just isn't any other way of doing anything at all, if you're not giving 100%. Oh, and I also discovered that there was a tattooed, off-roading, Jeep girl living inside of me...just waiting to bust out.

And all of that is what Soul Play, the business, aims for. And is what the Soul Play gal is all about. I use lots of dance and movement -- with touches of girl chat and being real -- to get my clients to realize how crazy awesome they are.

It's about realizing your value and so walking away from the bullshit and lies from others - their stories about you. You know that's not you. You know you are way more valuable. You know you have a lot more to give. And a whole lot more you should be receiving.

It's about busting down the doors and walls placed around you - whether you put them up yourself or you watched as someone did it for you.

It's about digging deep, rediscovering all the parts of you. With no shame at anything you find. Putting it all out there. Using it all as strengths...and tools. A way of making your day, your life, insanely amazing. Amazing to you.

So, I say, this last decade, I rediscovered me. And I think I more than like who she is. Dammit, I think I love her. 💜

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