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Letting you in on the secret first.

So for a little while, I’ve been mentioning about Soul Play changing...and I wanted to get to you first, to let you know of the changes, before I got "public" on social media.

Without giving too much information that puts others under the bus, the short story is that Soul Play will no longer be operating out of the Kensington building. In general, I’ve moved it to my home studio again, but for the most part, I won’t be doing regular group dance classes, private lessons or wedding choreography as before.

See, Soul Play is transitioning to helping women - mostly mompreneuers - using the dance floor as a tool.

I'm talking to you boss mamas who've got that "I'm not good enough" record playing on repeat in your heads. Or the one who can't stop that reject stamp from marking your creative ideas, projects or plans. You know what I am talking about. Do you say "I feel like I am just playing (at your jobs, your roles, etc), I feel like an imposter, a fake or I totally don't measure up"?

Girl, it's time to find + realize your badassery.

Whether it's in building your business or raising your kids, through Soul Play, through dance + movement, my mission is to get you to see how fucking fabulous you are, to find your slay-anything powers and get you real excited about creating or tapping into your sensuality, aka your feminine superpower.

Aren't you ready to show yourself, your creativity and your work to the world? kick all inferiority to the curb?

Aren't you ready to stop convincing yourself otherwise?

Best news: you absolutely won't have any guilt for saying YES to those questions or have any doubt about being one badass mama boss.

I've been ending my Social Media posts with "mama, you keep dancing...anytime, anywhere". Because this is my thought - when you do, it means you #idgaf and don't work from the jump-off point of being self-conscious. And when you are in this zone, you can take this attitude to your kids school meeting, to the grocery store or to the boardroom.

Girl, I am a firm believer that the way you walk, the way you carry yourself totally boils down to what you believe about yourself.

And I am telling you - you need to be daily reminded of this -

you are one badass mama boss.

So, Soul Play will be offering 3 online programs - Femme, Muse + ReWilde.

Each uses movement to get you to the goal - you feeling absolutely standout.

Lack of confidence.....a shitty thing of your past.

They will cover the "how-to's" of feminine, fluid movements...

Walking sensually, thinking boldly, moving powerfully...

You'll learn that a captivating, beautiful (dare I say, sexy) dancer...starts in the mind.

And then pours out onto the dance floor.

And then to whereever you want and whenever you need.

And just FYI, the programs differ in amount of "hands-on" work with me, going from a course with multiple lessons that you take at your own pace to a fully developed 90 day program, bursting with multiple lessons, group coaching, one on one training with me and a badass online community.

So, the Soul Play website will be updated shortly and you can grab more information about the programs. I will post when the website is ready for you, but this would be a great time to LIKE + FOLLOW Soul Play on either Facebook or Instagram.

Get over there, girl! Those are pretty rocking areas --- I post dancing videos, contests for followers and quotes/content that help with getting you (or returning you) to the better, funkier state of the badass mind.

Here's to Dancing Your Life Big. I totally want to be a part of that juicy story.

ps - if you are a current Soul Play student who hasn't finished all of the classes you paid for (before lockdown), get in contact with me so we can figure out details and get that finished. I am more than willing to do one-on-one sessions at my home studio for you.

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