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On any given day, this is how it plays out.

And when the house is finally quiet, the kids are finally asleep and I finally call it a day.

My body is totally ready for sleep...but my thoughts, nope.

We got complete silence to fill with potentials, why's, I wonder and what do I need to do.

I'm sure I am not the only boss mama who's like this.

When it's been a good "business day"....

Yes, I totally handled that presentation today. I was so on fire in my teaching! This business is so gonna make it.


Did I play Barbies enough today with Shiloh? Was I really present?

Could I have listened a little harder to the boys talking about the Minecraft house they built and not have been secretly making some quarterly financial plans in my mind?

Could we have stayed out just a little longer on our bike ride and not rush back home bc I didn't remember if I hit "publish post" or not?

I sucking at mommy'ing.

When it's been a good "mommy" day...

I am so mama of the year! Look at all the drawing the kids make for me showing mommy is great and can I even count the number of hearts! Look, we made another three batches of cookies together. I'm a real good mom!


I didn't do one damn thing for the business today. No sales calls. I didn't even look at the to-do list! Is this a business or just a fucking hobby? I'm not going to make any money here.

I suck at running this business.

And then I remember those business speakers saying how hungry I need to be + show to get a successful I need to be putting in 200%...

Well, shit, I was hungry. I just ate-snuck the entire package of Oreos while staring at the screen, trying to get something accomplished.

And 200%??!!! I am a known overdeliver-er....not sure exactly where any more is going to come from, seeing as how I already feel pretty damn guilty of what I have and have not been doing.

Ever feel that? Am I right...or AM I RIGHT?

But. TODAY.....

Today, on National Single Working Woman's Day, I wanna say, let's kick those thoughts out to the curb.

Let's get rid of those wordy demons playing a vicious game in our heads.

I need this as much as you do.

Us boss mamas work and play hard.

We deliver. And we deliver well.

So the next time a mind-fuck like that starts...remember me telling you THIS.

The work we put out is more than just good enough.

I know you want jaw dropping amazing -- because if you go way out past shore, you are bound to hit a massive home run (to use two very unrelated expressions, simultaneously) -

but with the amount of heart, fire and passion as YOU HAVE put into it.....

Girrrrrrrl. You naturally bossing it.

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