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  • Ellen

Secretly begging for this.

Ever wonder why the hell am I like that???

For example.

I am from the Big Apple.

And us New Yorkers tend to be on the go-big, go-home flair.

All or nothing.

150% in.

We are going to, we are going to absolutely dominate this.

The Best. Totally standout.

And for that, well, that's why it is known as the city that never sleeps.

And whereas this can be a total winning approach, it totally has its downfalls.

I get most things done in a day than people get done in a week.

But I also was glued to my Mac for five days, hadn't eaten a proper meal and missed out on some family outings or activities.

I've had a lot of awesome big experiences, checking off my bucket list items regularly.

But I may have missed a lot of those very small, little precious moments because I overshot in my vision.

I have amazing follow through and initiative. I am there.

Usually first in line, hours in advance for something.

I am locked and fully loaded.

But it can register as intense and overwhelming.

Both to others trying to take it all in...but most importantly, to me.

I am the only one who can overwhelm me. It's not regular that I get overwhelmed or stressed - it does take a lot for that....but damn, I can sure do a good job of this.

But going back to the actual why.

I realized it can be said to be a NYC thing.

The place is massive.

There's hundreds of somethings going on every minute and hour of the day, every day, every year.

There's millions of people.

There's thousands of programs, events, activities - things to get involved in and do.

And yes there is opportunity.

A whole lot of opportunity, but not more than the amount of people going for those opportunities.

So, when you are standing on line for something, trying to get your big break, trying to be seen, so is everyone else.

And so you need to stand out, be more of "whatever" to actually get anyone's attention.

It's a constant push for being recognized.

Everyone is secretly begging for acknowledgment.

Please see me.

You can almost hear it in the city air.

And no pressure, but you've gotta somehow be the absolute fucking best at what you do.

So I have that desire (need??) to over-deliver.

Any output that comes from me is gonna be jaw-dropping amazing.

My bringing the table to the table has certainly got me to where I am today and so I am definitely appreciative of where I come from. It's an obvious strength.

It only becomes a weakness when I am not aware of it, don't know where it comes from, how to be in control of it or use it to my advantage.

In other words.

I can burn for something. But I don't allow myself to burn out.

I can be over the top. But I don't throw myself over a cliff in the race to the top.

I can stand out. But I don't push out my vision, my goals, my why.

So boss mama, take a deeper inside look to answer that question of why you do the things you do.

Meaning, if you're all or nothing, like me.

Use that intensity to have a kickass brainstorming session for the new product you are launching or the weekly meal plan you want to do.

Don't let that intensity convince you to do a weekends worth of researching the psychology behind the best product names or every type of diet ever created.

Been there, done that, girl!

There's follow through, there's good work, there's knowledge.

And then there's not moving the needle.

Some of your tendencies may be annoying AF to you.

But I want to tell you they are there for a reason --- whether for survival or for evolution.

But that's only the jump-off.

The sweet spot is knowing how to use it to maintain the fire you've got going on.

To use it as the tool to get you where you want to go, more than getting stuck in the process of how you will get there.

I'm rooting for you, mama.

And if there's anybody who's a mover and a shaker, it's you. I just know it.

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