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Can you actually teach me??!! I've got two left feet...(or, no rhythm, no dance experience, no hips, a flat ass etc.)

I've actually heard THIS ALL. And it's ALL okay. No worries, I am completely confident that I can teach ANYONE. And for those girls of the two-left feet crew --- you've got two - we've got something to work with, okay?! And really, the secret is this: moving has everything to do with your mind, NOT your feet or body. So I work on both the way you think about yourself AND the way you move. The result --- one confident, rocking it mama! Btw, dance can help you find those hips + build you that ass you've always wanted. Just sayin'.

Do I need special shoes?

Technically, no, you don't need special shoes. But the FEMME course will show you how to walk, dance and move in heels - so having an available pair would be useful. But, we also move barefeet, in socks and sneakers as well. Two things are important to me. The health and safety of your knees - some sneakers don't give enough slide for turns and that could be a major yikes to your knees. As I said, FEMME will show you how to move about in heels. What's also important to me is how you feel. And I find that heels help you to unleash the sass, so I am all about bringing all the tools, girl!

What's the difference between Muse, Femme + ReWilde?

Muse is a 30 day mini-course that gives you daily activities to power out. It's designed to give you / bring back / remind you of your sexy + confident self. Femme is Soul Play's 8 week Signature Online Course. It's totally one stop movement-meets-change-your-life, complete with six jammed pack lessons, including videos. ReWilde is where you get the badass community of soul sisters and a FULL YEAR of 8 weekly Group Coaching, Master Teaching and monthly Lives to ask ALL your questions. That's right, I'm with you for a FULL YEAR!

What is your professional dance experience?

I started at the Alvin Ailey Dance Academy of Harlem in NYC when I was about 4 or 5, doing Tap and Jazz. I performed at Carnegie Hall in a highly sequined white and red leotard, complete with white tap shoes and the biggest reddest bows you've ever seen. When Dancing with the Stars came out, I found the nearest dance studio, a male dance partner not afraid to enter said studio and started taking Latin and Ballroom dance lessons. Thoroughly enjoying the Competitive scene, I had many 1st place wins in the International Latin division, dancing with various partners and doing Pro-Am with my instructor, Mark Nocera (formerly of Studio 665 in Woburn, Massachusetts, now a world-class adjudicator). I started teaching dance at that studio as well as formed my own competitive dance team at the college I was working at. I was that proud mama, seeing my students win their own levels at the competitons, against the bigger schools like Harvard, MIT and Brown. I opened my own studio in Prince Edward Island, teaching Ballroom and Latin styles, after taking the scenic route of motherhood and actually having stopped dancing for about 10 years. And I've taught kids, adults, couples, engaged couples and seniors. I've been on Dancing with the Stars for Hospice PEI, teaching my Star the Samba in just over 5 months -- and good enough to win "Most Entertaining Performance". Also, I'm part Puerto-Rican and Indigenous -- so things like attitude, sass and rhythmn is in the blood...or had been added to the milk. So, I come by it naturally lol. And I'm definitely a professional kitchen dancer. It's always a dance party over here.

Who do you teach? How do I know which Soul Play program is good for me?

Soul Play is for the girl who wants the secret sauce to rocking both her business and her personal life. But, it's no secret that I have a sweet spot for coaching mompreneurs - especially the single mompreneur - that mama who has littles totally dependent on her and whose business is her EVERTHING INCOME. If you are a female, a mom, a boss mama, a current dancer, an ex-dancer, a "too shy"-er, part of the two-left feet crew, or someone who has dancing in your blood but just can't seem to be able to learn from or relate to those ultra flexible, 20 year old choreographers all over Youtube...then, YES, Soul Play is for you. If you'd like to see some quick changes -- as in under 30 days - then sign up RIGHT NOW for the MUSE mini-course. If you want a full 6 week course - that at the end of it, you've got enough confidence to enter ANY boardroom, you've got your game face on, are in badass mode and standing strong in your power pose and signature walk -- then the FEMME course has your name ALL over it. Or if you want all those FEMME #goals (from above) AND you want to have someone rooting you on, teaching + guiding you EVERY WEEK for a YEAR and be surrounded by other badass women like yourself --- then girl, you need to get into REWILDE. Either which way, contact me so we can figure out your "Get Sassi" plan (902.314.2428 or I can't wait to meet you!

What's the time commitment for Muse, Femme or ReWilde?

Muse is a 30 day mini-course and the activities should take about 20-30 mins...depending on how much of a perfectionist you are (or want to get over ;)). Femme is an 6 week online course with weekly pre-recorded lessons that range from 30-60 mins. It has the "cool" homework to complete - shouldn't take longer than an hour over that week. ReWilde has time also being spent in the online Facebook Community. There is also about a 60min monthly LIVE and 4-5 pre-recorded sessions/lessons a month (about 60mins). Also, I am in that group every day and always ready to help you out.

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