rock your inner mamacita

   slightly naughty classes

for the good girl

 Rewilde coaching

 You are the ambitious,

I want it all, go big or go home type of woman,

aren't you?

(btw, love you my soul sister!)

And you get the mind-body connection

 - so improving the way you think about yourself

AND the way you carry yourself + move about

is key.

ReWilde is 

personal life coaching,

live teaching and community put all together

to get you from where you ARE

to where you want to BE.  

Rewilde is for you if...

* you are serious about your personal reinvention

or your business success.

* you want an all-in-one, hands-on,

no BS life coaching program 

to get you the results you want.

* you like challenging, "out of the box", slightly edgy but definitely 100% fun ideas 

* you want to amp up your Femme course -- 

totally accelerate your skills +

bring on the sass sooner

* and you know being around

other badass women is key --

and honestly, adult conversation + fun

sounds real good now

(ie., no more talk around Legos or Paw Patrol...)

the juicy details...

* will need access to Facebook + Zoom

what you get



* Weekly Live Group Coaching

* Weekly Master Teaching

* Get with your Wildling Sisters

* Guest Speakers + special in-house events

* HIPS Class

-Business success starts w/owning your walk.

And that only happens by focusing on your hips.

$ 2497


this was 

life changing!

I was so overwhelmed by the change I was feeling inside of me,

that right then and there, I started tearing up.

In the middle of the class! But it was a happy cry...

and then a very happy and very sexy dance!

I tapped into it like Ellen said I would!

 - Megan A.

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Online, In-Studio, On-Site ~ Located in Prince Edward Island, Canada ~ Available Worldwide

Soul Play can help any female wanting to kick the not good enough vibes to the curb and

gain serious confidence, sass and swagger to amp up both their business + personal life.

Mom or not. Business owner or not. Dancer, ex-dancer, the "always wanted to dance but too shy" type.

The “two left-feet” crew. Those with no experience or the self-proclaimed no rhythm gals. 

All are welcome.

Proud Supporter of Indigenous-Owned Businesses and the Cheyenne + Blackfeet Nations in Montana, USA

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